Date de publication 10 juillet 2024
Type d’annonce : Franchises existantes
Région : Bois-Franc
Secteur d’activité : Autre
Prix : USD 15,000 (including UDS 8,500 lump sum fee)

Algorithmics is one of the world’s largest programming schools for children from 6 to 18 years old. Currently, we have over 1,500,000 graduates from our school. Our footprint counts 90+ countries and 450+ cities.

We combine offline and online learning to make programming simple, exciting and fun for children to study.

At Algorithmics, we help children to make their first steps in STEM. Our students create video games, cartoons and IT projects. They acquire critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, presentation and project planning skills, teamwork and more. No matter who they will become, children will take advantage of what they learn with us.


Everyone is free to start a business with Algorithmics. While your mindset, knowledge and previously acquired skill set might be beneficial to help you win your market, you don’t need any business experience or programming skills for a successful start.

Algorithmics was founded in 2016 and since then our company has grown tenfold. Today we teach children from 90+ countries from India to the United States to prepare them for the future.

Support you can expect from the company

– A step-by-step school launch plan which includes Algorithmics franchisee training, help with searching for a venue for classes, recruiting and training teachers, assembling an operational team from a sales manager, marketer, and administrator, launching marketing campaigns to attract the first leads, and so on.


– Personal business mentor support. From starting out to developing your business, your personal business mentor will be at hand every step of the way. This is a specialist who will help the user to establish operational processes in the first few months and then aid the user in scaling your business in the longer term.


– Sales and customer retention systems. We will help the user find and retain customers:


– Set up a customer relationship management (CRM) system and telephony system for you.


– Provide detailed scripts for interacting with clients.


– Help to set up a monitoring and incentive system for managing your client managers.


– Train managers to meet the standards of our client support so that their work gets results.


– Teacher training which includes help in the selection of future teachers, 2-week training, assessment and certification upon graduation, continuous support for teachers, improving their qualifications, methodological materials for conducting each lesson for each course, and a block of guidelines for conducting each lesson.


– Marketing materials. The user will get all the necessary materials for a successful launch:


– A ready-made website for your school and its courses.


– Accounts on social networks and materials and recommendations for posts and SMM growth.


– Advertising materials for promotions and offers and advice on how best to place them.


Algorithmics’ Marketing Department regularly releases and updates promo materials for all products for our partners.